Sunday, November 9, 2008

Snow on Thursday, Sunburn on Saturday

um, hi. It's been a while because I was in Salt Lake City last week for work. It was the first time that I have traveled for work since Jack was born. When Avery was his age I went to Oklahoma for work but she was able to go with me thanks to a long car ride and my dad's willingness to hang out in a hotel room for a week while I was at work all day. It was amazing because she started crawling on that trip and I don't know what I would have done had I missed that.

This trip was too far away for me to drive so I went solo and Matt had to care for both Avery and Jack all week. The good news was that our awesome neighbors came over almost every night to hold Jack for him while he got Avery ready for bed. It was incredibly helpful for him because he is a man and is not capable of handling 2 children at once. Really I'm not sure if he can handle one child at once, but I will cut him some slack for now. (I realize there are some men out there that can handle 2, even 3, kids at once. Good for you. It just isn't the way it works for my husband.)

The trip was nice. We worked a lot but we also went out at night and enjoyed each others company. I had forgotten what it was like to work and then hang out with friends rather than rushing home to feed/bathe/enjoy the kids. I wouldn't trade it for the world but having a 4 day break from it all was also pretty nice. Especially considering that I didn't change a single diaper all week. :-)

(I realize there was a major election while I was gone but that is a topic for a different post. Especially because the people I had to spend this historic night with were all McCain supporters. And also because of the text my brother sent me that night--unprovoked.)

I got back late on Thursday so I missed the kids that night but the look on Jack's face when he saw me on Friday morning was priceless. It was really nice to be home again. I came home so that I could take the kids to get their Santa pictures taken. I realize that it is early for Santa but our photographer always does Santa pictures in the first week of November so the portraits and cards will be in by the first week of December. 

Jack loved Santa and took a ton of great pictures. Avery....well, Avery was nice to Santa when he came in the room but wasn't very cooperative when it came to taking pictures. I am looking forward to getting the proofs so I can see she was able to get any good shots.

We spent a ton of time with the kids this weekend so I could catch up on some mommy & baby time. On Sunday we went to the Botanical Gardens to the Dinosaur Exhibit. Avery ran around like crazy and had a great time hugging the wooden dinos that were placed throughout the gardens. Here are some shots of the weekend:

Here's Avery being Very Helpful by pushing Jack's stoller around.
Seriously, not ONE shot of her looking at the damn camera. I don't know why I bother.
Matt just loves butterfly pictures. I think they are his favorite. Yeah, I am pretty sure that he would do this all day if he could. 
This little guy is so happy no matter what we drag him to. He makes things pretty easy for us. In fact, I think he has us more spoiled than we have him.

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