Sunday, November 16, 2008

Seriously? That was the only place I could get the Perfect Fajita Pizza. Sigh

First off, THANKS to everyone who participated in Theresa's virtual baby shower. I know that being in Belgium during her first pregnancy can't be easy for her so it was nice that we could feel close on the internet.

And speaking of the joys of children, Avery gave me another lovely parenting moment on Saturday. We had a fun morning at Gymboree and then she went with me to run errands before her nap. We went to The Monogram Lady (that's right, friends, if you just had or are about to have a baby you probably have something with a baby name sewn on it coming your way!), then to a nursing store and finally to EZs to pick up lunch. I love EZs but never get to go there because we don't live close and I rarely have the luxury of being in that part of town when it is mealtime.

Avery and I had just ordered our food to go when she suddenly puked all over herself, me, and the floor at the restaurant. The floor that happened to be right next to the register where you place your order. During the lunch rush.

And when she was finished she looked at me and said, "I threw up!" as if I couldn't tell that by the goo that was covering me and everything else in sight. (Madonna doesn't sound so fun now, does it, Lauren? You could have had this kind of weekend fun for FREE right here in Austin)

The manager was super nice and showed us the way to the restroom so I could clean us both up as best as possible. Then he delivered our food to the car for me so I didn't have to stand there stinking the place up. I am sure it was just as much for himself and his restaurant as it was for us, but it was very nice to be able to hide a little after an event like that.

Avery fell asleep on the way home and then after a bath took a 3 hour nap. We didn't have any other problems with her and it was as though it is perfectly normal to just puke in public and go on about your day. I'm not sure I can ever show my face at EZs again. Plus, some kid puked on their floor and that is just gross....

Later that night we went to Stan and Melissa's house to play poker. We had a great time and went home with a little more money than we started with. Things got a little rowdy when one of the guys had a little too much to drink and was talking more than he should have been. It's always funny to see Stan and Matt speak up when this guy gets out of line, but overall things were really fun and I am so glad we went.

It was 2am by the time we got home which made things really hard on Sunday because I had to teach Sunday School at 9am. And those kids DO NOT CARE if you were up late the night before. In fact, I think they can sense sleepiness and they feed off of it. You have to be very careful not to let on that you might have a weakness or they will eat you alive.

2 year olds can be brutal.


Lauren150772 said...

I love the puking story, but only because my child is a professional puker. She has thrown up in half of the restaurants in Austin, Round Rock, and Cedar Park. She has thrown up on my head (when I lifted her to get her to the bathroom quickly when a puke was coming on), in my mouth (sick), in the car, in the bed...the list could go on and on! I feel your pain. The good news that she is 3, she feels it coming on and runs to the potty. Thank goodness for 3! If I had been an EZ's customer on Saturday, I would have totally helped you out.

Anonymous said...

So I have a priceless story about a puking child and it funny only to me cause it happened to my husband. First off, like most men my husband doesn't do puke. Imagine his surprise, when my youngest was a baby and he lifted her above his head (while looking up at her) only to have her throw up in his open mouth. Priceless, needless to say he has been a changed man since.