Monday, November 10, 2008

Theresa's Virtual Baby Shower!!

Welcome To Theresa's Virtual Baby Shower!

With Theresa’s baby on the way, it’s the perfect time to reminisce about what we loved most about those new baby days.
Sure, they’re a little rough - sleepless nights, cracked nipples, stitched-up nethers - but they’re also a time of wonderment.

Because as much as we think we remember from the new baby days of our first (and second) children, each new baby is full of surprises.
Let’s help Theresa prepare for the joys of the new baby days that are coming up. We know they’ll document the tough stuff quite well on their own –
Theresa is a great scrapbooker, after all, but it is nice to give her an idea of what’s to come and share our own experiences with her so that we may
save her from some of the pitfalls of brand new motherhood.

Since we live all over the continent and beyond, we can’t physically get together and shower Theresa with diaper cakes.
But we can shower her right here online with your help!

Shall we get started? Here’s how to participate:

Leave a note in the “comments” section with memories of your new baby days--the pleasant aspects, please. They don’t even have to be memories of your own baby; if you’ve got grandchildren, nieces, nephews, godsons and daughters whose baby
days you remember fondly, let’s hear about them!
Make sure to leave your name in comments so Theresa knows who to credit for the funny/sweet/scary stories.

Do this anytime between today, November 10th (one month from her due date!!!) and Friday, November 14th.

If you are still looking for a gift for baby baby Smith (lovingly called IV), consider sending diapers (because we all know how
quickly those things go with a new baby around!) or books for our Mr. Smartie Pants because we all know that with those genes,
he is headed for Harvard.

Thanks for participating!!


Amy H said...

Advice: buy a small lingerie bag to wash baby socks in. I have found that to be the best way to avoid buying new baby socks every week. :-)

I remember being totally overwhelmed and under prepared when Avery was born. I had taken classes and read books but when I took her home from the hospital I couldn't believe that they let me care for her without supervision. I know now that it was the hormones taking over and not anything based in fact. It was just a general feeling of exhaustion, confusion and being unsure if I was doing it the "right" way. I tell you this so that you know early on that whichever way works for you IS the right way. No book can tell you the perfect way to put him to sleep or how often to feed him. Robbie is going to get into a groove and the two of you will create a routine that works for you. It happens faster than you think and you will feel like you have some sort of control back when it does.

Journal as much as you can in those first few weeks so you will remember in the future. You know I love you, man, and can't wait to get that phone call/email letting me know that IV is here!!

Lori G said...

I can't believe it's so close now! We can't wait to hear about Robbie's arrival! So where do I start? I guess the most important thing to remember is that every baby is different! From your birth experience and beyond, it's completely unique and individual. It's hard not to compare kids at times, but it's necessary because you will make yourself crazy (and sometimes, it's a good idea to wing the baby books across the room, too!) Get Robbie in the habit of tummy time early,every time he's awake...Simba and Emi will provide him plenty of riveting entertainment on the floor, I'm sure! Invest in lots of Shout and OxyClean...these will get ANYTHING out of baby clothes! (My SIL introduced me to the joys of BABY Oxyclean, but alas, it's not available here!) Always keep something over his lower bits...a baby will never hesitate to fire the poop or pee cannon in your direction! In keeping with Amy's advice, I had a small calendar for Cara's first year that I kept nearby and would just jot down stuff as it happened so that maybe one day I'll get to her baby book (that day has YET to arrive!) And remember, we're all here to help! Love to all of you! :)

Lindsay B. said...

Hi! I don't even know you, but my advice is to take a LOT of pictures because you will blink one day and your newborn will be telling YOU how it will be and then running away laughing. It goes by real quick and when it does, the pictures are great to remind you that he really was tiny once. My husband laughs and says that I could take all the pictures of my son and make a flip book and watch his whole life, but at least I won't forget a moment of it! Enjoy, it is the best thing that will ever happen to you!

Pam said...

Hi Theresa,
My advice is to be ready for floods of tears and feeling inexplicably low on the third day or so after the baby is born. It's just a hormone crash. Day Three Blues. Thomas made a nice dinner for me and I just sobbed into my plate like a loony. As in, "WAH-HAH-HAHHHHH."

I would also agree with Amy not to stress out about routine/number of feeds/number of sleeps in those first weeks. What a waste of time and energy that was. Better to just cuddle and/or feed the baby whenever he wants when he is that can't inculcate bad habits that soon in my opinion. I thought I was permanently damaging Violet by letting her sleep next to me when she was a newborn, but it was the only way we could both get through the night with a little sleep. I imagined she'd still be in our bed as a toddler....nah! By six weeks she was perfectly happy to sleep in her own crib -- in fact seemed to prefer it -- so I had done all that fretting for nothing.

Last tip about breastfeeding which I hardly ever see mentioned -- once the ferocious pins n needles/cracked nipples stage subsides (took about 10 days for me) you can reliably count on a rush of oxytocin during most feeds. It's a warm sleepy feeling, like a nice glass of wine, without the hangover. Brilliant.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

The time is almost here and you will be parents; great ones I'm sure!
My advice is pretty much what you'll probably hear from many others, but here goes:
-I don't know how much help you'll have, but what ever help is offered - take it!
-sleep when Robbie sleeps
-those first couple of weeks it'll really seem like everything just piles up around you and nothing gets done - don't stress about it, because it will get done - enjoy and take advantage of the time to bond with Robbie
-when you need a break tell someone - you'll be a much better mommy:)
-and lastly, but probably the most important - patience and consistency are the key to keeping your sanity
You will be so amazed at how much this little life will change everything. It adds a whole new level to your marriage and you will end up loving Rob so much more by watching him be a father! The infant stage goes by in a flash, I remember Dave and I looking at each other one night and both saying that we missed it, but at the same time we wondered if we were crazy. Did we actually want to go back to all those sleepless nights again?!? It's all worth it though, even labor! You'll forget it all so quickly. Can’t wait to hear of Robbie’s arrival and see pictures!
Love from Oki,
Dave, Jill & Maddie

Marisa said...

Theresa -- You should have asked for my advice nine months ago because I would have told you that giving birth looks like it really hurts! Just joking--I hear they have great drugs nowadays!

I'm not in a position to share birthing or baby advice since I missed that time with Allison. I can tell you, though, that motherhood is the most wonderful journey. I've only been at it for eight weeks but it's better than I ever imagined it could be. If I had known it would be this entertaining and fun I would have done it years ago! I know you'll love it and be great at it.

My advice to you is to really try to keep a journal because I already enjoy looking back at what I wrote eight weeks ago and seeing how much Allison has changed. Plus, I love to read it and remember the overwhelming joy and amazement that I felt in those first weeks we were together. I also highly recommend that when Little Robbie is three or four you buy him a Fisher Price digital camera. There is nothing funnier than a photo shoot orchestrated by a pre-schooler. I laugh so hard everytime she gets that camera out that I get tears in my eyes. Have fun and enjoy every moment with your little guy. We can't wait to hear that you've officially joined the parenthood club! -- Marisa and Bill

Missy said...

Hi T: As you know, I really have no experience giving birth or raising a child, but I do have experience spoiling my neice and nephews. They are so darn adorable that I let them get away with everything. All they have to do is smile or give me a hug and I'm a sucker. advice is to let the aunt and uncles and grandparents too, spoil him rotten. We get so much pleasure out of seeing the kids get excited about seeing us and of course because of all the goodies we bring them!! Take lots of pictures to send to family and friends and for the wonderful memories. He'll grow up fast. I am so happy for you and Rob and know that you guys are going to be wonderful parents.

Love ya,


Holly T said...

Mama T!
First of all, no matter what, soon you will have the handsomest baby boy in Belgium in your arms and nothing else will matter.
As for advice when Jr. is born, mine would be to go easy on yourself and remember that you are operating on a seriously lack of sleep and hormone withdrawals let alone the pain factor. So be gentle with yourself and your fam and remember that you are a brand new Mama just trying to figure things out. I remember being so frustrated at first with having such a hard time nursing and trying to figure out which cry meant what that I myself would cry at the drop of a hat. Jason or my Mom would have to give me a big hug and then tell me to go take shower, it's amazing how much a little hot water can change your perspective.
Every day, every minute it got better though. I remember Jill telling me, "just wait a week, it will get better" and man was she right. I tried to hold on to the precious moments as long as possible knowing that at any minute she might throw up on me again or my toes would be curling under trying to nurse.
Looking back, all I see is how adorable Abby is in the pics and wish I would have written some more milestones down in a journal somewhere. Keep one handy for the first time he turns to your voice, smiles at you (even though someone else might say it's just a gas bubble) and the first time you realize that you can't remember what life was like before.
You both are going to be great parents and I can't wait to see pics of your boy!! Wish I could be there to help!
-Abby's Momma

Anonymous said...

Hi Mama T!

We are so excited for baby Robbie's arrival. All I can say is that time will go by so very fast. Make sure to write milestones down and take lots of video and pictures. I know I was so scared to give my little guy baths, thinking that I would break him, but I've learned that babies don't break that easily. Don't be shy to ask for help and I know that everyone says this, but sleep when he sleeps. Don't worry about a clean house, eventually everything will be cleaned up and start making and freezing dinners now if possible, that helped us out a lot. Don't worry about losing weight or going back to the gym, remember that giving birth is the best weight loss program out there, it will all fall off because you will be so busy with your little one. Most importantly, have fun, live in the moment and be happy!

With Love, Selima Morgan

Suzanne said...


I am a little late at giving advice! But here goes..

My advice comes from having two...I treated Jack a bit more fragile. I feel like he spent a bit too much time in his bouncy or crib, etc. If he was napping or sleeping I didn't touch him. I regret that so much and it may sound crazy!

So this time around. With Roman, I can't help it. I go in the middle of the night and pick him up and hug and love 'on' him. (I didn't attempt this until he was a couple months into sleeping through the night of course.) I get my cuddles in and he goes right back to sleep. It is my way of checking on him and stealing a little love too.

Otherwise, just enjoy him.