Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Definitely Don't Want To See Myself on TV

We all have that skinny friend that says, "oh, I am so fat these days. I ate a whole box of cookies. I made a batch of brownies and ate them all in 5 minutes." And you know they are full of crap but you just smile because clearly they want some kind of validation that they are still skinny and that box of cookies did nothing to ruin their figure. You know what I am talking about? 

Well this is not one of those times. 

My room is a mess. And not the kind of "mess" where I mean that the pillows on the couch are not properly fluffed and there is a DVD on the TV stand rather than in the drawer with the rest of the DVDs. I mean MESS. 

I can't put an exact date and time on how this happened but I know it has something to do with Christmas. I bought a bunch of stuff and wrapped it in our bedroom so there are a bunch of shopping bags on the floor in there. They still have gifts in them that I need to mail to out-of-town friends, which is why the bags are still in the room. It sounds like it makes sense but it really is an unnecessary pile of stuff that needs to be dealt with. I need to box up the things that should be mailed and I need to put the rest of it away but I just haven't. 

And I have no good reason for not doing it. (unless we count blogging. I guess I can't pick up because then I wouldn't be able to blog!) I know I will feel much better when things are organized so I really should just quit procrastinating and get it all done but I tend to find 19 things that seem More Important than cleaning up. Matt hasn't said anything yet but I know that he is thinking that I am 60% responsible for the mess in our room and I need to get my butt in gear to clean it up. And I will probably get mad at him when he says something because it isn't all mine. (although in all fairness, it really is the majority mine)

To show you what I mean I have included a picture...

hey Theresa--you see that box on the floor? The one under my lounge pants? That's Robbie's "Baby's First Christmas" ornament that I haven't sent you. You're Welcome. 

My big plan is to get things cleaned up this Saturday when Matt takes Avery to Gymboree so I will keep you posted to see if I was able to get my act together.


In the meantime, here are some pictures of Avery and Jack in the tub tonight. They love taking baths and Jack is always laughing at Avery for some reason or another.

Our eye doctor appointment isn't until the end of February but I think it is clear from this picture that she still needs her glasses for a while.
Jack munching on the sponge. He would not put that thing down for the longest time. He is getting another top tooth and chewing everything is his new favorite thing to do.

Now I should probably start working on my room before Clean House calls and says that I will be featured on their show.


Jolene said...

Once you are done can you come to my house. It's a total disaster

Theresa said...

no sweat. the ornament will look just as great on our tree in 2009. 2008 Christmas was a blur to me anyway.