Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Batty in Austin

Tonight we went to Hey Cupcake and then down to the Congress Street Bridge to watch the bats come out. The girls thought it was neat to go to a cupcake stand that was in a trailer. Keep Austin Weird and all that....
(I'm going to pause and say that personally I didn't love the cupcake, but that might just be me. I think it is more kitschy than anything. I wouldn't kick one of these cakes out of bed or anything, but it wasn't all that great.) (I have standards.)

This picture doesn't exactly represent how happy they were to be there...really. They were just busy trying to decide between the 24 Carrot and Michael Jackson.

Then we moved on to the Congress Street Bridge and got there just in time to see the bats start to come out. Emma had a lot of questions about whether the bats were interested in humans or just bugs, how close were the bugs they were going to eat, if there was a bug near us would the bat come after it...you get the idea.
If you look in the left corner of the picture you will see some of the bats flying around. Literally, there was about a million of them.
Click on this picture to get a larger view and you will see all the bats just above the tree line. They are flying south for some dinner. We thank them for eating all the mosquitoes and flies. It is nice to sit outside and not get eaten alive by those pesky bugs.
While the show was going on we stopped in the picnic area to the side of the lake and ate our cupcakes. Emma is definitely Grammie's girl. All in all I think everyone enjoyed the experience. They had been downtown earlier in the day to visit the Children's Museum while I was at work and everyone was a bit tired from the activities of the day. Not to mention mom keeping the older 3 out until past midnight last night at Main Event. Apparently they were having a good time and there were no clocks in the building so they stayed pretty late.
We ended the night pretty early so we could head back to Grammie and Poppa's house and get some sleep. Tomorrow we go to Schlitterbahn!

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Anonymous said...

keepin me in the in....love this....absolutely love the last picture can't wait to c swing video footage...they r having TOOO much fun..while I am literally working my fingers, hands, & every muscle in my body into a state of exhaustion..even Lar is pitchin in..rooms look better everyday no idea how on TV they do this in 2-3 days....whatever