Thursday, July 9, 2009


Here is the picture of my dad with curly hair that I was talking about. You will have to click on it to enlarge and get the full effect of his man perm.
My dad is the one in the brown leather jacket with the confused look on his face. I am sure he was thinking that he should not allow someone to take his picture as it will be proof in 20 years that he actually had a man perm.

After reading my last post my dad said: You just leave me off your blog from now on. haha!


Kelly said...

I wish my mom knew how to scan pictures into the dad's perm was way gayer than your dad's.

The Larry said...

the 80's were a different time, i was a teenager when Sweet B was taking men's hairstyles to a new level and none of my jackass friends ever made mention of the "man-perm", it was all in the way he strutted around like he thought we were envious of it. also for some reason we never thought of him as an out of work pornstar, more of an outlaw hebrew accountant.