Saturday, July 11, 2009

Time Out

Jack has a bit of a hitting problem. He doesn't get that hands are not for hitting. So today he took a few trips to Time Out, which is our front door (a place Avery chose when she starting visiting time out at around 2). I know he isn't hitting in anger or frustration. He thinks he is being playful but it isn't fun for the whole family when he is smacking us in the face.

I just thought the little face he was making in Time Out was so cute that I had to get it on camera.

I didn't mean to hit you repeatedly. Really!
C'mon! How can you stay mad at this face?

Seriously, thought, this hitting thing needs to go. Avery never did this, and she certainly wasn't going to Time Out this young. I think we are in for some looong toddler years.

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Lindsay said...

Oh... we started timeout right about when he turned one... It wasn't really for hitting though. They are soooo pathetic sitting there!