Thursday, July 2, 2009

Getting Started

In about a week my brother and sister-in-law are going to drive to the airport, open the car doors and kick my 4 nieces out of the car. They are putting them on an airplane (solo) to visit us for 8 days. God bless the people at Southwest Airlines and Godspeed to the people who happen to have tickets on that flight. I hope you packed your Xanax.

Seriously, though, we are thrilled that the girls are coming to visit us. We have asked them to make a list of all the things they want to do while they are here and we are pretty much just going to stick to that list all week. The good news for us is that Savannah, the 6 year old, told me that all she really wants to do is clean our toilets. I couldn't love that girl more if I tried.

Since they are visiting the week leading up to Avery's 3rd birthday I have tried to get on top of the preparations for her party so I don't have to do anything while they are here. I'm sure I will get 80% of it done this week and then run around like a mad woman at 9am on the day of her party making sure I get the other 20% done. And that 20% will probably be the most important stuff. I am queen of getting the unnecessary details done early while keeping the critical party pieces on the back burner until it is the very last minute.

Efficient, I know.

Here is a sneak peak of one of the projects I am working on for her "storybook" party.

I didn't get party hats with a specific character on them since we are having a book themed party. Instead, I bought plain hats and then made these labels to attach to the front of the hats. They are in all different colors because the book covers and characters from the books we will feature at the party have all of these colors in them. The pink sparkly "3" will be Avery's hat and then the others all have the inverse design. (click on pictures for a close up view)
I think it is going to be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to putting together the rest of the projects in the next week.

My mom, by the way, is totally against this party theme. She wanted me to get a big bouncy house and let the kids play in that rather than have a storybook theme. I get that bouncy houses are a lot of fun and most normal kids love those. But not my kid. She is so scared of those things (which I find extremely funny). But she likes doing craft projects, playing games and she LOVES to be read to. I understand that it isn't the most exciting party theme in the world but I also know that it is the perfect party for my girl.

You wouldn't expect anything else for a future mathlete.


Amy Turner said...

You should DELEGATE party responsibilities to the nieces. That's the secret of getting stuff done, so my boss tells me. It empowers and develops people...blah, blah. How old is Emma now...20? She can surely do lots of useful stuff. Have fun!

Amy H said...

ha! Emma is 10, almost 11. Natalie just turned 13. The two little ones are 6 and 3. I doubt they want to come visit and put together party stuff the whole time. haha.

Anonymous said...

they r workers.....they will love it> ready.... set.....go
they r packed and ready as sone as we lose a game VA and then to TX they come