Monday, July 13, 2009


My nieces from Illinois are visiting us for 8 days and so far it has been a blast! I haven't taken many pictures yet but the week is young. Last year when they came to visit I took over 600 shots.

Excessive? Who, me?

Even though I worked all day today I was able to get some good pictures of the kids playing this evening. Bella went to gymnastics with Avery (another story all together. And it involves a lot of Avery running around the place doing everything but listening to the teacher. And then other kids starting to follow. It was anarchy. And then the teachers pulled their hair out. Oh, the stories) and I took these shots of the two hyper girls before we left. After class they took a bath with Jack and had a blast. Jack is definitely well liked in this crowd.

Here are just a few pictures from the visit so far.

Can you tell which one wears massive amounts of sunscreen and which one doesn't? Frankly, I am raising nerds. *hangs head in shame*
Jack gave us a big smile just after I took this picture. Figures. There is no shutter speed fast enough for this guy.
I think he just needs to learn early that sometimes love hurts.
Getting ready for tumbling class. Avery was reluctant to share her leotard at first but quickly changed her mind when she realized that it meant Bella would be coming with us to class.
They have been playing together so well. It's hard to capture or express how much fun they are having but this picture comes close. It makes me a little sad that we aren't close enough in distance to see them more often. But this week, we'll forget all about that and enjoy the laughter that is all over our house.
By the way, Avery is 7 months younger than Bella. Avery is taller and weighs more but Bella keeps reminding Avery that she is older. It is so cute.

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Anonymous said...

love the pics...holy cow avery makes bella look tee tiny...everytime I talk to girls sounds like they r having more fun than the last time I talked to them...Jack and Bells are too cute in the tub...and I hear her hair smelled sooooo GOOD! thanks a ton