Monday, July 6, 2009

Who Knew It Was Even Possible To Get A Man Perm

This first picture is for Kim.

I folded over her new quilt a few times so it fits on her little bed. We're looking at some regular sized beds but this time it is Matt that is resisting moving her up. Technically she still fits in this bed. You know, if she sleeps with her knees slightly bent or only uses the small pillow so that her head is at the very top of the bed. So obviously she isn't ready for, or in need of, another bed.

Maybe I can convince him to get his act together by Christmas. He actually used Avery as an excuse saying that we should talk to her first and see if she even wants another bed.

Wow. What a stretch.
In other news, it appears that I carried my own father's baby. Clearly Jack has his eyes and hair color (although dad is mostly grey now so you'll just have to take my word for it), his smile and his intense need for a nap at around noon. There is nothing Jack would rather do than hang out with his Poppa. He has literally jumps out of my arms to get to my dad. Both of them get frustrated easily but seeing either of them to smile makes your whole day. It's nice to be able to see them together all the time.

ASIDE: True story--My dad had a perm in the 80s. On purpose. He pretty much just looked like a porn star (not that I knew that then but seeing the pictures now makes me realize that he could have easily had a side job. which, ewww.) I'll have to scan a picture of him rockin' his curls while in Paris. I just can't imagine where a man would even go to get a perm. How does that conversation go when you go to the barber shop? I'm going to need to find out from my mom if he told her he was going to get a perm before he did it or if she was just surprised when he came home with curls all over his head. My Lord! You should never act on that kind of impulse. Because your kids will NEVER let you live it down. Ever.

Let this be a lesson to you all.


Anonymous said...

This is Mom. I knew about your dad's perm before he had it. You wouldn't believe the difference that the hairstyle made in our "life". Now you can ewww again!

Amy H said...

OH DEAR LORD. There is no reason at all to leave a comment like that on my blog, mom.

**dies a little**