Sunday, January 11, 2009

And the Golden Globe Goes To....

Isn't it so funny when the actors cry and act all crazy when they win an award? I am watching the Golden Globes right now and it is just hilarious how these people can't string a sentence together after they win. And the crying. oh, my the crying. Here are all the ingredients for an acceptance speech at the Golden Globes if you are a female actress:

1. cry
2. stutter
3. apologize for crying and stuttering
4. forget what you were going to say and put hand up on chest as a non-verbal cue that you are really sincere
5. thank your agent and the make-up people on the film for all their wonderful work
6. mention your spouse or partner so that the tabloids don't run a story that you are getting a divorce or breaking up
7. awkwardly hold the award
8. give a shout-out to someone no one knows and tell them you hope they feel better soon. this will give the press something to investigate. now that person will have their privacy invaded by several dozen photographers camping out at their house
9. make sure your voice is trembling the whole time

Oh, how I love award season. Especially this show because it is the movies and TV shows all in one. Plus, they serve lots of alcohol and snacks (but no one ever eats the snacks because you are on TV and GOD FORBID anyone sees you actually putting food in your mouth) so by the middle of the night they are all drunk and the speeches get really good. 

I try and see as many movies that are nominated as possible, especially for the Oscars, but that has gotten much harder since having kids. Most of the movies that are nominated don't come out until December and there is no way to pack that many movies into a single month when you consider all of the Christmas festivities going on all month. But today we saw Slumdog Millionaire (nominated for best picture at the GG and will probably get the same nomination for the Oscars). IT WAS AMAZING. I have never seen a movie like it. I highly recommend seeing this movie if you have the time. It is shot in a way that is totally unique and the storytelling is engaging and keeps you on edge the whole time. I hope it wins a bunch of awards tonight. I have a feeling it will. Now I just need to see Benjamin Buttons, Revolutionary Road, Milk and Gran Tarino

Now it is back to the Golden Globes and all the wonderful speeches. Plus, it appears that the alcohol is kicking in and the facial expressions in the audience are really worth viewing. :-)

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