Sunday, January 18, 2009

My, How Time Flies

They were both born on a Tuesday; Avery in July and Jack in March. It was the 18th in both cases. So that makes today a special day for both of them. 

The weather was beautiful again today so we spent some time outside playing. Avery has been in "Potty Training Boot Camp" all weekend at Grammie's house. My mom has a knack for potty training. She has been successful at potty training my nieces and now it is Avery's turn. I think I have mentioned already that she (Avery, not my mom) has been fairly good about telling us when she has to go potty but we haven't been great about putting her to the test. We rarely leave the house without a diaper on and we aren't great about making sure that she goes potty first thing in the morning. We do make sure she goes to the bathroom before bedtime but that seems to be more of a stalling tactic for her than anything else. Anyway, this weekend should be the end of it because my mom has a very high success rate for getting kids all the way trained. Since she is over there (the whole thing takes 3 full days), we spent most of the day at their house and I had my camera out for a lot of it. 

Here are some of the shots from today:

Jack's pensive look. He is probably thinking about the inauguration on Tuesday and hoping everyone stays safe and warm.
There are always fewer pictures of Avery because she is 2. Sometimes we forget she is 2 because of her verbal skills but she makes it really easy to remember when we ask her to do something she doesn't want to do. 

This is Jack clapping to "pat-a-cake." As you can see, he is getting more teeth on the top. He has 8 total now but 2 are so new that it is hard to see them. He has 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom.
Ok! Now we're talking! An actual smile! I can't remember what I had to promise for this but I think it involved Dora Snacks. 

I think he was considering the national debt in this picture.
I can't get enough of those big cheeks. Don't even get me started on his eyes!

And finally, a little political talk on the blog. I am so excited about Obama's inauguration on Tuesday and hopeful that our country will start to see improvements over the next year. I am proud that we have a black president within the lifetime of people who experienced segregation and terrible struggles for equal rights. This is going to be an historic event and it makes me a little sad to hear people say that it isn't special. No matter what your political party, this man represents a dream for a lot of Americans who were made to feel (and frankly, thought of as) inferior in many parts of the country. They deserve to be overly happy about this. We all do. 

Obama supporters! I hope if you aren't a supporter now you will at least give him a chance. 


Lauren150772 said...

The kids look gorgeous in these pics! I am excited for Tuesday too. Hope the potty training goes well. Liv was right at 2 1/2 (almost to the day) when she just did it. We had practiced and practiced and then she was just ready! I am sure that Avery will be the same. They start to realize how yucky diapers really are!

Theresa said...

Great photos!!! Robbie was born on Tues. the 18th also. hmmm... a little strange.