Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh, Hi!

Today is delurking day, so if you have been reading the blog but not leaving comments, today is your chance to reveal yourself and say hello!! 

In the spirit of awards season, why don't you tell me your favorite TV show when you leave your comment. Can't wait to see what everyone has to say. :-)

In other news, I was totally right about Slumdog Millionaire last night. It swept all the awards it was up for. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly suggest that you run right out and buy a ticket. 

And speaking of the Golden Globes (what? I was!) Tina Fey totally bucked the trend of female acceptance speeches last night by telling people that don't like her to "suck it." That could not have been more awesome.  It is easy to see why 30 Rock is such a great show. WHY AREN'T MORE PEOPLE WATCHING IT? I have been hooked from the start. 

Other shows I am loving right now:
The Office
Lost (coming back next week!)
2 and a Half Men
How I Met Your Mother
American Idol (coming back tomorrow!)

Shows I watch that my husband is embarrassed about:
The Bachelor (and the Bachelorette)
The View
The City
The Hills
The Girls Next Door

I must now go hang my head in shame. I am looking forward to hearing your favorite guilty pleasure in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

Grey's Anatomy

Mandy said...

Grey's anatomy is my favoite too! We don't watch a whole lot of TV, but I will plan my evening around a new episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Anonymous said...

Numbers is a definite watch and occasionally Grey's Anatomy.

Jolene said...

Grey's, Big Love, Pushing Daiseys, How I met your mother, and couple more. Pretty much Derrin's show though

Heather said...

Of course Greys Anatomy....duh!!! It's like the best show ever!!!
Oh, and Unwrapped...that show pulls me in everytime!!! Like I really need to know how a jelly bean is made???

Lauren150772 said...

How I Met Your Mother is my favorite. I also like Kath & Kim but I am not a religious watcher. The Hills and Gossip Girl too!!!

Kelly said...

Okay, I'll come out of lurking. Gossip Girl, Dexter, and the Office are my favorite shows right now. (I'm also hooked on Rock of Love Bus and Real Housewives of Orange County, but that's my little secret.)

longhornsteener said...

Kitchen Nightmares, Hells Kitchen, Lost, The Hills, Bachelor, Survivor. However, if I don't DVR it, I don't watch it...