Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not Quite Ready for Babysitting Just Yet, But She is Close!

The kids are starting to play together which means two things: We have to keep a very close eye on them to prevent Avery from accidently strangling Jack and there is a lot more laughter in our house these days. 

Jack pretty much laughs at anything Avery does. His absolute favorite is when she makes monkey sounds at the highest possible volume her two year old lungs can produce. There is no such thing as an inside voice when it comes to monkey sounds. 

It has also been cool to see Jack start to become more independent. He is feeding himself more, exploring all over the house, pulling up on anything he can reach and playing with his toys for longer periods of time. Here are some shots of his newfound independence. 

Nom Nom Nom. This boy loves to eat! 

The best news we have gotten this week is that Jack is doing much better. It turns out he was sick from the salmonella outbreak that has been going around the country. We don't know how he could have possibly gotten salmonella poisoning since he doesn't eat any of the foods that are normally associated with salmonella. Our number one suspect is the shopping cart at the grocery store. We have a shopping cart cover but I didn't have it in my car when I popped into the grocery store on January 2nd to pick up a few things. That is the only thing I can think of. 

I am just glad it is over and he is back to his old self again. Avery is, too. She is happy to have her playmate back. 

This trampoline from Santa has turned out to be no fun for Matt and me. It is huge. We stub our toes on it more than she plays on it. And every time I think we can actually put it away she starts to enjoy it again. ugh.
This is Avery in time out tonight for taking Jack's toy away from him while he was playing with it. Here's Matt in time out because he took Avery's shoes off (or "stole" them as she called it) even after she said SHE wanted to take them off. She told him to go to TIME OUT until he learned to "obey." 

Both of them free from time out and ready to keep playing.

There's that thumb. Must mean it is getting close to bedtime. 
Sometimes I think she is going to love him to death. The look of fear on his face is priceless. 

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